John and Loren's Okinawan Adventure 2010 沖縄訪問記(2010年10月)

押忍!門下 和です。
翻訳:オーストラリア支部 ソノミ
Osu! Kazu here.
We have received an article from overseas.
Translated by Sonomi san.

The original article has arrived in this neat form,
but because we had to add the Japanese translation,
the layout had to be changed.


Shihan Loren Engelby and I arrived for our long awaited visit to Okinawa late on a Tuesday night to the smilingfaces of our friends, Sensei Jerry De Vries and Sensei David Meikle and a nice cold Orion. After connecting with Kaicho, Shihan Greg Lazarus, Sensei Mike Abrams and Ms. Sonomi Atsuwaza-Windley, and some darts and noodles,
we made our way to the Hotel Akasaka, our home away from home.

ローレン インゲルビー先生と私(ジョン シャイプス)は那覇空港で、ジェリー先生とデイビッド ミーケル生に温かく迎えられました。その晩はまずダーツバーで会長にご挨拶し、私たちに先立って沖縄入りしていたグレッグ ラザラス先生とマイク エイブラムス先生(お二人ともアメリカから)、そしてソノミさん(オーストラリアから)と合流したあと、沖縄でのしばしの我が家となる赤坂ホテルに落ち着きました。
Our Trip 1

Our trip to Okinawa was jam-packed with activity including many training sessions at Grandmaster Kise's Gunner's Gym classes and Kaicho Isao Kise’s Honbu Dojo classes. It was, as always, a great pleasure and a great honor to train with these two karate greats and much was learned and brought home. Sensei Jerry De Vries was his customary happy and smiling self and spent a great deal of time showing us all around the sites of Okinawa and it included many sites indeed.
We visited a number of the UNESCO sites on Okinawa including Shurijo (twice), Nakagusukujo and Zakimijo. All three are incredible places to visit while Shurijo is the most completely restored and is simply magnificent. We also visited the summer palace and grounds which are absolutely beautiful. Sensei De Vries pointed out a small house at the entrance of the grounds where Bushi Matsumura lived out his twilight years in his final service to the King of Okinawa. Sensei De Vries also took us to
ring the Friendship Bell which was a very special event for the three of us. We also visited the All Japan EISA festival while we were there and were entertained by all the drummers and dancers competing there.

Our Trip 2

One day during our visit, some folks from the Honbu Dojo arranged a special tour of sites around the island which relate more directly to our lineage. This tour was arranged by Kazu san and we were accompanied by Uezu san with Teppan san serving as our tour guide and Taika san serving as our driver. We were also accompanied by LouBee and Keith and visited such sites as Shurijo, Shureido, and a shopping area. The most special part of the tour for me was a visit to the tomb of Bushi Matsumura. It was such an honor. We also had lunch at a special Soba house (Shimujo) that we were told was the oldest wooden structure still remaining on Okinawa and was a former Samurai house. A little ways down from Shureido,
we also visited the ruins of an old monastery where a number of Okinawan Samurai were buried.

Our Trip 3


There were a number of really special things that we did on this trip but one of the most special was having Sonomi san there at the same time acting as interpreter for us and for Kaicho. This facilitated a much greater depth of understanding and communication and was a real treat as Shihan Lazarus and I met with Kaicho and Sonomi san and discussed a new set of by-laws for operation of the US branch of the federation. It would have been essentially impossible to obtain the same level of understanding without her.

Our Trip 5

I want to thank everyone who went to so much trouble to ensure a wonderful visit to Okinawa for us. It was great having my friend Shihan Lazarus and his fellows there while we were there, even if we didn’t get to go to the tug-of-war and the Orion beer festival with them. We were treated so kindly everywhere we went as that’s how the Okinawan people are in general and it makes it such a wonderful place to visit. Sensei Mike Abrams commented, after we returned, that he found himself being a little nicer to people because of how well he was treated. Thank you everyone and especially Mary De Vries for the loan of your husband for a few days. Most especially, Grandmaster Fusei Kise and Kaicho Isao Kise for being such gracious hosts and such wonderful people to welcome us the their world for a few days.


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